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Stand by Me

Wah, aged 38, found blood in his stool 2 years ago. After undergoing a colonoscopy procedure, she was diagnosed with stage 3D colorectal cancer. Wah felt shocked and helpless because she knew very little about this kind of cancer. She sought help from the Anti-cancer Society through reading the newspaper, and Nurse Kwong from the organisation explained the details of all the different kinds of treatments against colorectal cancer to her. At the same time, Wah encountered Ms. Yu, whose sister also contracted the same illness years ago. Yu became Wah’s companion in her fight against cancer, taking care of her throughout her 2 years of treatment. Unfortunately, Wah’s cancer recurred in June, 2012. Will she find the courage and the way to stand back on her feet again this time?

Cancer Series

  • Video
  • English
  • On-going
This series is sponsored by Hong Kong Medical Specialists Association. It contains 8 stories of cancer patients based on real cases including : Lymophoma, Nasopharyngeal Cancer, HER2 Gastric cancer, Glioblastoma (GBM Brain Tumor), Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer & Myelofibrosis.
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