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MBB2012: Minimal (by Georg Gratzer)


MBB2012: Minimal (by Georg Gratzer)

GEORG GRATZER and Beefolk (AUSTRIA 2004) 基齊沙和比福克 (奧地利 2004)

After coming to Hong Kong with BEEFÓLK in 2004, Georg Gratzer made London his home where he composed and recorded different soundtracks for Warner Bros., BBC Europe and Arte and - inspired by countless journeys to India, China and South America - he extended his range of instruments to include the Chinese dizi & hulusi, the Indian bansuri and the Peruvian zampoña.
In 2009 he recorded with the Weimar Philharmonic Orchestra as a soloist (dizi) together with Lang Lang (piano) for the Warner Bros. animation movie ‘Laura´s Star & the Mysterious Dragon Nian’. Since 2010 Georg Gratzer is the Artistic Director of the Arts Festival KOMM.ST, which takes place in the Austrian countryside. In 2012 he recorded as a guest artist for Indian composer/musician Lesle Lewis on his album ‘Tanha Sa Hoon’. Apart from performing and recording, he also presents workshops to children aged between 5 and 14, introducing native instruments and cultures, taking them on “a musical trip around the world”.

"The audience subconsciously experiences the beauty when love for art transcends boundaries.”


Music Beyond Borders

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The Music Beyond Borders @ 10 Anniversary Concerts are coming soon with a big change in venue - outdoors at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza C (as part of the New Vision Arts Festival 2012). The concerts will take place on 3 Nov (Saturday) and 4 November (Sunday) from 2:30pm to 6pm. Two past Music Beyond Borders artists return: Award winning Dutch saxophonist Yuri Honing, this time with his Wired Paradise band and, Austria’s Georg Gratzer and Beefolk, who gained quite a following on their last visit here. To mark the start of another 10 years of Music Beyond Borders to come, will be the Claude Diallo Situation from Switzerland, taking part in the project for the first time.

Music Beyond Borders – there are no limits to where we can take you.
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