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The Hand That Mends

The Hand That Mends

Jennifer LI has been a book lover since she was a child. From her religion and living habits to her views on love and politics, she has been deeply influenced by books. In the past, whenever she went abroad to work, she would always go out to look for old books. In her book collection, “Robinson Crusoe”, “Shakespeare Children’s Stories” and “Arthur and His Knights”, which she read in her childhood, are the three books she cherishes the most. In order to restore these three antique books, Jennifer started to learn the basics of old book restoration many years ago. Subsequently, she went to London, England again to learn from the old book restoration experts, and she even joined The Society of Book Binder as the first member from Hong Kong.

From falling in love with the soul of books to the restoration of the body of books, Jennifer continued to learn repair methods of different old books in different eras. During the time span, she repaired old books for many people, including valuable antique books and family manuscripts.

Even though the contents are the same, each book carries a different soul. In this e-book era, Jennifer insists on passing down books from generation to generation.

Hong Kong Stories - The Quest of Life

Life is woven by continuous pursuit.

Some people develop another parallel life outside their career.  Their target is neither money nor achievement, yet they are still serious, persistent, and keeping abreast with the pulse of the society.  Pursuit is a power generated from the bottom of our hearts that leads us to search for the meaning of life. 
“The Quest of Life” is the new season of Hong Kong Stories.  The ten stories relating to pursue will inspire us to understand the possibility of our lives.
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