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The Evolution of Egg Waffles


The Evolution of Egg Waffles

When talking about classic local snacks in Hong Kong, would you choose eggette (egg waffle) as your favourite?

As a traditional snack in Hong Kong, eggette experienced various changes in the past few decades, showing its flexibility just like Hong Kong people. In recent years, it even moved beyond Hong Kong and became a new international favourite.

LAI Chiu-hung’s father sold charcoal-grilled eggettes on the street as early as 1960’s to 1970’s. This childhood memory stayed within LAI Chiu-hung, inspiring him to follow his father’s footsteps after he lost his job and takes pride in the eggettes he makes.

One day, David’s pregnant wife has a craving for eggette at midnight, which sparked off his idea to produce frozen eggettes and to develop a fully automatic eggette machine. Eggette is not just a commodity of his business, but also a connection of his family.

Michael’s café combines different food ingredients with eggettes to create astonishing combinations. Not only can customers enjoy a choice of more flavours, but the combos can also fulfil Michael’s wish when he studied abroad in his younger days: to go back to Hong Kong and have a sheet of eggettes.

These three persons each have a different story related to eggettes. Eggette can have countless variations, but its taste in people’s memory remains unchanged.

Hong Kong Stories - Tastes of Home

Taste brought up feelings and memories, where the stories would be unfolded. This series told the stories of Hong Kong people through local food. The kind of food is common, yet special, a specialty in Hong Kong.
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