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Deaflympics: The Olympics Without Sound


Deaflympics: The Olympics Without Sound

Deaflympics, unsual it might sound, are important international sporting events for deaf athletes held every four years.
The 23th Deaflympics held in Samsun, Turkey in 2017 were not broadcast to audience in Hong Kong. However, through this documentary you might relive the experiences and dreams of two hearing-impaired Hong Kong athletes, who participated in this tournament.
As a Taekwondo bronze medalist at two previous Deaflympics, Chow Chun-kin is Hong Kong’s biggest hope to win a medal at the 23th Deaflympics. Once he said, “Taekwondo is the only thing that gives me the meaning of life.” However, he had had his worst performance due to enormous pressure.

In order to fufill his instructor’s last win, Silver Wu took over the position of the Chairman of Hong Kong Sports Association of the Deaf (HKSAD). Silver was determined to change the destiny of deaf athletes by biding for the Deaflympics 2019. After a year’s hard work, he finally confirmed that the Asia Pacific Deaf Games 2019 would be hosted by Hong Kong. However, due to the recent social situation, unfortunately it was cancelled.

Making the voices of Hong Kong deaf athletes heard is the dream of Silver and Kin.

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