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The Good Food Clan

Hong Kong people are never bored about food choices – from TV programmes to mobile apps, we are constantly fed with news on latest food trends, new restaurants and hottest deals, and our shopping carts are always targets of food manufacturers who compete among themselves to please the tastebuds of the ever demanding consumers.

However, while most people care about taste and costs when it comes to making food choices, few would ever ponder over what their food is really made of, and how they are made - except for the food-conscious ones who gather together not only to share their knowledge on good food but also promote the belief of conscious eating: School of Everyday Life organizes twice a year an Organic food fair and conducts regular workshops on food additives and permaculture; An organic apple snack maker strives to develop local-made natural products with a fair price; A group of parent gardeners and primary school students run a roof-top farm that houses near 400 boxes of certified organic produce... Although their approaches to celebrate good food vary, their smiles and the food they hold on their hand share the same glow.

Hong Kong Stories 37 - Connect with a Cause

At a time when social polarization is yet to be resolved and many share the frustrations over the city's future, various groups of locals choose to devote their skills and creativity to the community, improving not only life of others but also empowering them. While they may not offer perfect solutions to social issues and conflicts, their effort does bring light and hope to whoever feeling trapped in the dark.
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