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Heartfelt Secrets of the Sea Cucumber


Heartfelt Secrets of the Sea Cucumber

In everyday life, many beautiful things are not inherently present but hidden within the ordinary. They require exploration, refinement, and polishing to reveal their brilliance.
During festive occasions in Hong Kong, many dining tables are adorned with delicacies. Among the dishes, sea cucumber is a key ingredient. Sea cucumbers are generally regarded as traditional health food, and when looking at those dark, plump sea cucumbers, one might only think of their benefits as edibles. But who would have thought that this unremarkable creature could be associated with "beauty"?

Two young women who were born at the 90s work at a local biotech company that produces sea cucumber health products. Two years ago, they had a sudden idea: to create sea cucumber skincare products that would transition it from the dining table to the vanity. Their primary task was to make the insoluble sea cucumber collagen protein absorbable by the skin.

Arey Chiu, a graduate in ecology from the University of Hong Kong, with a scientific background, crossed paths with Lavinia Tsui, who is well-versed in online marketing. These two girls aimed to promote marine research-based skincare products and educate customers with practical and scientific skincare knowledge.
How did they support each other and grow together on their entrepreneurial journey, radiating their brilliance, and always staying true to themselves?

Hong Kong Stories - Inventors in Hong Kong

Scientific exploration is not merely a quest of innovation. It embodies the compassion that drives innovators to serve humanity. The details of life are often the sparks that trigger innovators’ dreams. Despite setbacks, inventors press on along their path of scientific research.

"Inventors in Hong Kong" is a documentary series. Each episode unveils the stories behind an innovator’s quest for breakthroughs.
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