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Covid-19 updates; e-cigarettes ban


Covid-19 updates; e-cigarettes ban

8:30am-9:15am: Covid-19 updates

8:30am-9:15am: Benjamin Cowling, Head of the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, HKU

8:30am-9:15am: Jeff Bent, Managing Director, Worldwide Cruise Terminals

9:00am-9:15am: Ivan Hung, Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong

9:15am-9:30am: e-cigarettes ban

9:15am-9:30am: YC Yiu, Member of the Heated Tobacco Concern Group HK

On Monday's Backchat: Covid-19 updates; and e-cigarettes ban.
A government advisor on the pandemic has said a proposal to give people both flu and Covid-19 vaccine shots at the same time should boost the inoculation rate, and was likely to receive approval from the Department of Health.
Experts will also be meeting soon to discuss booster shots, and may also consider whether children aged below 12 should receive Covid jabs.
Meanwhile a cruise ship tour from Hong Kong was cancelled after a crew member tested positive for covid-19.
After 9.15am, we’ll be discussing the ban of sales of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.


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