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Building Technology and the Future


Building Technology and the Future

From the enhancement of building efficiency, reduction of production costs, accurate prediction of the interplay between works and the environment, improvement of the work environment, to the protection of construction workers’ safety, the assistance of technology plays an indispensable part.

The Housing Department team has begun studying and applying the Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Geographic Information System (GIS) since early 2000. After many years of trial and modification, they have evolved into the new Project Information Management and Analytics Platform launched in 2023. With the assistance of digital information technology, project teams can easily grasp the site conditions, monitor the construction progress and prevent accidents. To reduce the chance of construction site workers working at heights or in dangerous environments, automatic robots, drones, etc. have become important ancillary tools.
In addition, the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) introduced the use of Modular Integrated Construction (MIC) in works for the first time in 2023, whereby the contractor produces large prefabricated modules in a factory and then transport them to the construction site for installation. “Factory assembly followed by on-site installation” greatly alleviates the burden of construction workers and MIC will be the key research and development project of HA in the future.

From Shelter to Home

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To mark its 50th Anniversary in 2023, the Hong Kong Housing Authority has co-produced the documentary “From Shelter to Home” with Radio Television Hong Kong.

Since 1950s, public housing flats have become the cosy homes for countless people in Hong Kong. Given its unique cultural characteristics, whenever public housing is mentioned, the door-to-door arrangement in its floor and flat design, mutual neighbourhood support, as well as children playing for fun in the lobbies and corridors have become the classic scenes that come into view.  With the development of numerous public housing estates below the Lion Rock, the Hong Kong economy has also blossomed.  The human touch, culture and history of public housing estates over the past 70 years have demonstrated the unique hardworking, assiduous and mutual help spirit of Hong Kong people. 

Narrator: Jason CHAN

Co-produced by Radio Television Hong Kong and Hong Kong Housing Authority
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