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The anti-Falun Gong Campaign and Freedom of Speech; Minor Rural Works - Spoiling the Countryside?


The anti-Falun Gong Campaign and Freedom of Speech; Minor Rural Works - Spoiling the Countryside?

Hong Kong has freedom of religion. That should include even religious practices that the Chinese Communist Party does not like. But take a trip to the Star Ferry, one of Hong Kong’s top tourist attractions for mainlanders, and you may begin to wonder if that’s true. Some of the banners that cover the concourse belong to the Falun Gong, which calls itself a spiritual discipline. This is the most visible of several protests around Hong Kong the group’s practitioners have set up. However, most of the banners her now belong to a mysterious organization called the Hong Kong Youth Care Association Limited, that seems to have declared war on the Falun Gong. Now some Hong Kong groups, concerned that this campaign amounts to an attack on Hong Kong’s freedom of speech by mainland forces, have started fighting back.

It’s so relaxing to get out in the country and away from the city streets. But Hong Kong’s nature lovers constantly find the countryside is being “improved”, with concrete paths over hiking trails, pavilions, rest stops, new roads and other alleged amenities. These minor works can have a damaging effect on the environment, and there are fears that some may be initiated to boost the opportunities for future private property developments.

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