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英語篇 #24 寵物與動物的英文用語


英語篇 #24 寵物與動物的英文用語

A lot of Hong Kong people love cats and dogs. But some have unusual pets.
● pythons - 巨蟒
● Chameleons 變色龍
● hedgehogs 刺蝟
● guinea pig 天竺鼠
● chinchilla 龍貓
● hamsters 倉鼠
● alpacas 羊駝

Pet Adoption 領養
● A lot of people are 三分鐘熱度 ( three-minute passion - informal translation). They quickly lose interest in something. They can be irresponsible. 不付責任的
● My roommate’s dog was almost eaten by an alligator 鱷魚.
● You need to be patient 有耐性的 in training your pet, especially when they are puppies or kittens.
● There are a lot of abandoned 被遺棄的 pets at shelters 收容所
● We wanted to adopt a Golden Retriever but this breed is hard to come across 遇到/碰到.

A lot of famous breeds 著名品種 were smuggled走私.
● 2022 SCMP News headline:
Hong Kong police seize 126 kittens and puppies smuggled into city by speedboat
Pets were found crammed in 46 crates on and some of them had shown signs of dehydration.
● You can buy pets on TaoBao.
● A lot of breeders 繁殖店 are inhumane 不人道. They keep getting the mothers pregnant and they put the animals in tiny cages with little space.

Endangered Animals 瀕危動物
● Sharks, pandas, killer whales, etc.
● SeaWorld (a theme park) scandal 醜聞 - they caught and abused their killer whales. They made them perform in shows. Then they were locked in pools and some hurt themselves or killed their trainers as a result.
● I support sanctuaries 避難所/庇護所 but not zoos and aquariums.
- Sanctuaries do not breed, buy, sell, or trade animals. Sanctuaries like Black Pine Animal Sanctuary do not capture animals from the wild.
- Sanctuaries resemble the animals’ natural habitats more and help them heal.
● At a zoo, I saw a wild cat kept walking back and forth behind the glass. I believe it was a sign of stress 壓力 and distress 悲傷/痛苦.
● I saw a lion that was constantly drugged in Thailand so tourists could take pictures with it. It was animal cruelty 殘酷;殘酷行爲;虐待. It later appeared on the news.

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