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英語篇#4 港式飲食文化:茶餐廳與酒樓


英語篇#4 港式飲食文化:茶餐廳與酒樓


● 「茶餐廳」 英文?Cha Chaan Teng
● 「酒樓」 英文? Chinese restaurant/ traditional Chinese restaurant

1. How often do you go to a cha chaan teng? 你有幾經常去茶餐廳?

一星期至少一次 At least once a week

2. What’s your favorite breakfast there? 最鍾意吃甚麼早餐?

● 火腿通粉
● Macaroni / 通常喺美國 macaroni 係指 macaroni and cheese
● 香港有湯的 = Macaroni soup with ham
● 湯麵可否叫 noodle soup?
● 沙嗲牛肉麵 Satay Beef Noodles
● 五香肉丁 Spiced Pork Cubes
● 五香肉丁米 Spiced Pork Cubes Rice Noodles
● 菠蘿油 Pineapple bun with butter
● 河粉 (米線、米粉和河粉英文都是Rice noodles)
● 河粉 Flat Rice Noodles
● 米粉 Rice Vermicelli
- 星洲炒米Fried Rice Vermicelli In Singapore Style/ Singaporean Fried Rice Noodles
3. 茶餐廳/酒樓基本上不會用英文落單, 但你可能與不懂中文的朋友去
● 朋友問 What would you recommend? Do you have any recommendations?
I would recommend their fried rice.
● 你想食麵定飯? Do you prefer noodles or rice?
● 你有什麼偏好嗎?Do you have any preferences?
● 有沒有什麼你是不吃的? Is there anything that you don’t eat?
不吃內臟 - I will anything except organ meat.
不吃鳳爪 - Anything but chicken feet. / I don’t eat chicken feet.
不吃豬腳 - I don’t eat pork knuckles.

4. 今天有什麼廚師推介? What is today’s special?
- What is something you think I would eat? 你覺得有什麼是適合我吃的?
- Can you translate the menu?
- 雞絲炒烏冬 stir-fry udon with shredded chicken
- 乾炒牛河 Stir-fry flat rice noodles with beef
* 乾炒牛河 有時會有蔥, 如何叫走蔥?
* Can we have the stir-fry flat rice noodles with beef without green onions?
* 也可叫作 spring onions/ scallions, 和 spring onions 相似 (but they have bigger bulbs)
- 揚洲炒飯 Yeung Chow Fried Rice
- 餐蛋飯 (午餐肉 spam/luncheon meat) spam and eggs with rice
* Can I have extra soy sauce? Would you like extra soy sauce?
- 滑蛋叉燒飯 / 叉燒 (BBQ pork/Cha Siu) Scrambled eggs with BBQ Pork
- 燒肉飯 roast pork with rice
* 薑蓉 Minced Ginger & Scallion Dipping Sauce
5. 酒樓點心
- 燒賣 - Shumai
It is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling that is mainly made of pork, shrimp and Chinese black mushrooms.
- 蝦餃 Har gow / Shrimp dumpling

6. 對飲品有特別要求應怎樣表達?
● 凍檸茶少甜少冰?Iced lemon tea with less ice and less sugar
Can I have an iced lemon tea with less ice and less sugar?
● 凍檸樂 走冰? Coke with lemon with no ice/ Coke with lemon without ice.
● 想要多啲奶? Can I have a milk tea with extra milk?

● 檸檬水 Iced lemon water // 美國會叫 water with lemons // lemonade
- Half & Half? = half lemonade and half sweet tea
(香港某漢堡餐廳係有呢樣野/ 美國南部才有sweet tea)
Can I have a half & half, half lemonade and half iced tea?

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