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英語篇 #9 求救相關的英文用語


英語篇 #9 求救相關的英文用語

1. Do you enjoy hiking?
SCMP news headline:
Cost to rescue two stranded hikers in Hong Kong runs into hundreds of thousands
- rescue 救援
- stranded 滯留的,被困住的
The whale is stranded on the beach.

- on the beach vs at the beach
at the beach - General location/ Where are you? I am at the beach.
on the beach - You are really on the sand.
No one says “in the beach”.

- 除了stranded, 有個相似的字: stuck 動不了的
We are stuck in the elevator 升降機. (UK: lift)

- Why do many Hong Kong people like to go out in Typhoon No. 8?
It must be for the thrill (thrill 快感/ 興奮)

2. Have you ever called 999 in HK or anywhere else?
car crash = car accident 交通意外

3. 打999用語 What You Might Be Asked When You Call 999

The operator (操作員) may ask:

Which emergency service do you require? 你需要哪種緊急服務?
● Fire service 消防
● Police 警察
● Ambulance 救護車

If I remember correctly, in the US, the operator would say this:

“911, what’s your emergency?”

4. How to Describe Your Emergency

● I am on ABC Street in front of the BCD building and there’s a car accident. Several people are hurt. One person is trapped under the car.
● 我的廚房著火了! My kitchen is on fire!
● 有人闖入我家! I think someone has just broken into my house!
● 有人偷了我的銀包 Someone stole my wallet!
● 我摔倒了,我想我的肩膀脫臼了 I fell and I think I dislocated my shoulder.
● 她是無意識的 She is unconscious.
● 我想他只是中風了 I think he's just had a stroke.

5. Why is it “911” in the US but not “999”?

On the old rotary phones, it would take longer to dial “999”.

Every country has different emergency numbers.
911 and 112 numbers are recognized worldwide as emergency numbers. They should be able to redirect your call.

6. Aviation emergency verbiage
- Mayday (also used by mariners) for life-threatening emergencies
Created by a British man who worked at an airport in London in the 1920s. It is the phonetic equivalent of a French word that means “help me”. At the time, most air traffic was to and from Paris.
- say it on the radio three times
- Pan-pan is also named after a French word that means “breakdown”.
for urgent situations that are not life-threatening (such as component breakdown)

7. SOS (What does this mean?)

“Save Our Ship”
It is a Morse code distress signal used on ships.
It is three short taps followed by three long taps, and then three short taps again.

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