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Extreme weather and global warming are threatening the world. It’s time to learn more about green lifestyle to save our world. ‘Go green’ now, reduce the use of energy and wastage disposal.
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《Nature and Man in One 2016》 Recycling is Worthwhile


《Nature and Man in One 2016》 Recycling is Worthwhile

Have you ever considered the wastes we throw out each day are valuable resources? Those could be recycled after proper sorting. But the process involves salaries and transportation costs; it’s difficult to promote recycling without a policy framework. Financial incentives are essential in proper waste sorting.
Taiwan has long implemented waste charging and mandatory waste sorting. In Taipei and New Taipei City, residents are required to buy designated garbage bags for waste disposals. Recyclables are sorted before handing over to the cleaning teams. Citizens try to save money on garbage bags by waste reduction and sorting. The schemes have been proven effective; recycling rate is on the rise year after year. Large apartment complexes encourage residents to finely sort their recyclables to be sold at higher prices, and to lower the waste handling cost. New Taipei City has a rewards scheme for residents to accumulate points with their recyclables, in exchange for designated garbage bags and cleaning products, enabling “trash to turn gold”.
Germany has introduced a Producer Responsibility Scheme as early as 1991 to offset the recycling cost. Manufacturers have to pay for the recycling costs before their products are launched. They must hire competent companies to recycle the packaging waste. Plastic beverage bottles are recycled through the deposit scheme, a plastic bottle can be refunded for around HK$2, that’s why over 90% plastic bottles in Germany are recycled.
Making recycling worthwhile is the first step to help reinforce recycling habits among citizens.

YU Chi-ling
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