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Learn to how and maintain a healthy lifestyle, enjoy better life and far away from sickness.
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《A World Of Taste》 Fresh Moments


《A World Of Taste》 Fresh Moments

Although freshness is not as concrete as flavors, we can always recognize it in an instant. Why do we all prefer fresh food over regular ones? To consume something fresh is to take pleasure in the best and the most original taste. Storing our food fresh, we can relive the satisfaction of the taste when desired.
We seek freshness in our food because we are in continual pursuit to experience the food in its finest state.

Stella has a special instinct of recognizing whether the fishy smell is of freshness and seawater or of rot and decay. She never officially learned to cook; her taste buds were trained by her father’s dishes since a young age. Every time Stella tried a new dish, she would improve it on her own. By cooking for her friends at home, Stella creates a cheerful atmosphere. As a wish to extend the happiness to others, she transformed overnight from a public relations executive to a chef. Stella now carries a luggage between her clients’ homes and prepares fresh meals for them.

Tasting the Tales of Life
Steve and his family live in a farm away from the city and operate a vegetarian restaurant. They insist on using fresh cooking ingredients and purchase them from farmers nearby. Freshness not only is a memorable taste, but also holds the important philosophy of being healthy and safe. Busy metropolitans have gotten used to fast food and ready-made ingredients that freshness became a luxury. Steve used to be one of them and was invulnerable to numerous illnesses. He began questioning himself what the best and most original lifestyle is. That is to live according to the law of nature.
Steve began to farm and observe the growth of plants, which altered his attitude. He learned to respect lives and eventually built better relationships. Respecting the wonderful food and lives is Steve’s philosophy of freshness.

Symphony of Chefs
Our chef host, Eddy, invites Chef Leung to prepare fresh dishes together.
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