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Learn to how and maintain a healthy lifestyle, enjoy better life and far away from sickness.
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《Project Live Healthy II》 Episode 4: Bon Appetit


《Project Live Healthy II》 Episode 4: Bon Appetit

Producer: Manfred Chow

 Under doctors’ recommendations, seniors are to alter their habits to become healthier in order to combat degradation in various parts of their bodies. The digestive system is responsible for obtaining nutrients and secreting unneeded substances. Choosing the correct foods is an important step in staying healthy.

Luckily, seniors are not required to stick to plain food anymore. The experts in this episode bring upon a new class of eating ideas. Seniors can still have “Yumcha”, and eat whatever they enjoy as long as they control the food portion consumed and take other appropriate complements.

We will also investigate a common problem experienced by seniors- constipation, by implementing a new technology- capsule endoscopy. Through sustaining their living quality, this episode strives to introduce a new healthy lifestyle for seniors.

This programme will be transmitted in TVB Pearl at 13:00-13:30 on Saturday, 16 February 2013.
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