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《The Big Idea》 Happiness

Vanessa Collingridge and guests explore the history of happiness from Ancient Greeks and Eastern philosophies to the modern day, and try to get to the root of what it really means.

Happiness sounds like a simple enough concept – after all, we've all experienced it and THINK we know what it means. Indeed, many of us spent our lives in pursuit of this ethereal entity – through love, through money, through power and success – even through the labels on our clothing --- or perhaps through good deeds and selflessness. But does happiness come from outside or from within ourselves? Is there a basic form or "core" to happiness understood by all, or do different peoples and different cultures interpret it in different ways?

With Dr Timothy O'Leary and Dr Chris Fraser from the Dept of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong and the research project: Happiness East and West.
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