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Japanese art Gyotaku, Bon Voyage@1A Space & in the studio: HK Youth Saxophone Choir


Japanese art Gyotaku, Bon Voyage@1A Space & in the studio: HK Youth Saxophone Choir

There's a long history of artists making prints from materials such as stone, metal, wood, or even glass, using techniques varying from woodcut, and etching, to engraving, monoprint, and lithography. One form of printmaking with which you may be less familiar is the art of making prints from fish. It's called Gyotaku, and at the Honma Museum of Art in Yamagata prefecture in Japan there is even a rich historical collection of such prints.

On show at 1A space in Cattle Depot, the exhibition “Bon Voyage” showcases works by five graduates of the Hong Kong Art School. They graduated less than a year ago, and since then have continued to consolidate their artistic practice and vision. Chan King-long, Fung Wing-yan, Lam Hoi-yi, Bonnie Lam and Ngai So-fan are presenting a mix of painting, photography, ceramics, installation, and performance art.

And indeed, it's also a welcome back to The Works studio for saxophonist Tsang Man-sze. 13 years ago, Tsang set up the Hong Kong Youth Saxophone Choir with the intention of nurturing young players. She's here today, with two of her students, to talk about their upcoming concert in The Blue House in Wan Chai.

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