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Creativity, Chinese Style

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening (gaige kaifang) in 1978. Since then, China is an emerging economic power, and Shenzhen "Dafen Oil Painting Village" can be one of the miniatures of the whole development of China. Like most of the world factories in China, peasant-turned oil painters were exploited by entrepreneurs, yet after 40 years of development, they tried to transit from simply making copies of iconic Western paintings to creating their own authentic works of art, emblematic of the journey that China is going through, from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’. Meanwhile, the story of Dafen also put to light on how the government only focuses on economic development but neglecting human rights and freedom of the citizens while artists would like to fight for freedom of expression and speech with many difficulties.

Hong Kong Connection

If “ Hong Kong Connection ” were a tree, how old would it be? It was on 5 March, 1978 that the documentary series first went on the air in Chinese. As the series continues, its staff are determined to go on uncovering and delving into every local and international topic that concerns the people in Hong Kong, whether it be political, economic, educational, commercial, environmental or technological. A tree plays an important environmental role in refreshing the air that we breathe and holding from the earth on which we stand. It is Hong Kong Connection's mission to provide the public with information and analyses as well as an opportunity for rational discussion. The programme is aired every Thursday evening on TVB Pearl at 19:00-19:30 (3 Oct. 2013 - 27 March 2014)

Live webcast: Thursday HKT 2100 - 2130

Archive available later after live webcast. ** Please note that the programme air-time on TV is different with webcast time.
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