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There is an old Chinese saying that “a book holds a house of gold”. However, as we are surrounded by an overwhelming number of electronic products, the atmosphere of the society seems to make both adults and children less and less motivated to pick up a book and read. Book lover James CHONG established a social enterprise (SE) Rolling Books, sailing a boat against the current, to promote the habit of reading. Through activities of a great variety, he spreads the joy of reading with real-life experiences, and helps inspire children to seek their lifelong companionship with books. James also hopes to provide to children equal opportunities in self-directed reading, therefore the SE collects children’s books and gifts them to grassroots families to promote equality in reading.

The first guest of this episode is artiste Asha CUTHBERT, a book lover since a young age. She joins the Rolling Books to give away used books at Hoi Lai Estate, where there are more ethnic minority groups. She also becomes a picture book storyteller for children, with a hope to bring the joy of reading to the community.

On the other hand, 2Bliss Studio is an SE providing art services. Through wall painting and art workshops, it hopes that people regardless of age from all walks of life can access to art creation. Apart from providing free vocational training in arts for the underprivileged and the youth, the SE also provides other services such as home improvement services for grassroots elderly.

Young actor NG Siu-hin is invited to the programme to join 2Bliss Studio to do wall paintings with primary school students. He also participates in a workshop at the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong to make handicrafts with persons in mental recovery and mentally handicapped persons. NG, who says that he is not good at art, still feels the happiness brought by arts after the experience.

Social Enterprises Off and Running

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A social enterprise (SE) is a business, and also an enterprise that shoulders social missions. SEs achieve specific social objectives through their business philosophies and the operational method of self-financing. They have to invest their major profits in their business operations to fulfil social responsibility.

By promoting the development of SEs, the Government hopes to create employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups and help them become self-reliant, ultimately helping people to help themselves and, on this basis, fostering a new caring culture and enhancing social harmony.

Spanning 7 episodes, the programme visited 10 SEs for filming, and invited the participation of 11 guests. Each guest experienced themselves and took part in the operation of one of the SEs. Through interacting with the SE operators and reaching out to the service targets of the SEs, the guests have learned about the operation of the SEs and how they realise their philosophies, and the audience could also understand the operational objectives of the SEs and the joys and sorrows of their operation.
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