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Becoming an environmental activist


Becoming an environmental activist

Join writer Sally Ho this Saturday morning, September 9th, at 8.30, for the final episode of Small Steps Big Impact. This week, it’s all about becoming an environmental activist. After learning about the little things we all could be doing in our everyday lives to lower our carbon footprint, Sally will explore how we can go one step further. Whether it’s about plastic waste, green transport or sustainable food, you can advocate for the planet. To chat all about being an activist, Sally speaks to a special guest who is championing the fight for clean air in Hong Kong. Hopefully, you’ll come to see that all of us can lead the way to encourage everyone to take more Small Steps towards that... Big Impact. This Saturday morning from 8.30 to 9... only on Radio 3.

Small Steps Big Impact

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Join writer and 'non scary' vegan Sally Ho for this eight part radio journey around Hong Kong, as she shows us each week how sustainability isn't really that hard to achieve, after all. Not everyone is passionate about the environment, or has the time and energy to make drastic changes. But, with a little help from Sally, introducing just one simple thing each week, we can all learn how to reduce our carbon footprint without even realising it, proving that Small Steps really can make a Big Impact.
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