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Men's makeup and beauty (25-1-2019)


Men's makeup and beauty (25-1-2019)

It's men's makeup and beauty on this week's Agender Cafe. Hosts Karen Koh and Noreen Mir talk to James Thomson-Sakhrani, the founder of Style Standard, which specialises in men's accessories, grooming, and lifestyle products, along with David Shing, who works in garment design and manufacturing and Babette Radclyffe -Thomas, a beauty journalist and trend forecaster.(25-1-2019)

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The Agender Cafe serves up a delicious array of topics on gender, sex, sexuality and society. Every week we have a frank, open conversation with our guests about issues which affect us all, and try to tackle some of those “taboo” topics.

Sit down with hosts Karen Koh & Noreen Mir every Friday from 2-3pm and enjoy a visit to the Agender Cafe!
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