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William Forsythe, exhibition "Future of the Past" & in the studio: harmonicist Gordon Lee


William Forsythe, exhibition "Future of the Past" & in the studio: harmonicist Gordon Lee

Although dancer and choreographer William Forsythe was trained in classical ballet, much of his work deconstructs the traditional form. He has been described as having reinvented the process of choreography and the teaching of dance. He has brought other disciplines into the art form, and – through his chorographic objects – encouraged those who encounter his work to become involved in the dance themselves, as many who visited his recent exhibition in Hong Kong discovered.

The title of a group exhibition currently on show at Contemporary by Angela Li gallery, “Future of the Past” seems a little paradoxical. Curator Eric Leung has invited seven Hong Kong artists to explore the meaning of time, history and memory through painting, sculpture, digital images, and multimedia.

In an upcoming concert to round off the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong’s 2020/2021 season, harmonicist Gordon Lee will be performing a concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra written for the renowned classical harmonica player, Tommy Reilly. The concert will be conducted by Colin Touchin and will also include the world premiere of his own Sinfonietta No.4, as well as Carl Maria von Weber’s Symphony No.2. Gordon has been talking to Billy Lee, presenter of our Chinese language sister programme:

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