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EP05: Dream Finale

Having retained its championship title at Robocon Hong Kong 2023, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) represents Hong Kong, China to compete for the championship at the ABU Robocon held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia together with competitors from the other 12 countries and regions.

One month before the departure, the CUHK team continues to race against the clock, striving to push the robots to the limit. On the other hand, the University of Hong Kong, being the 1st runner up in the local contest, also sends robots to assist the CUHK team in practising, with a view to achieving the best result in Cambodia for Hong Kong team.

In the international arena, the robots from China team and Japan team stand out, making the other competitors lose their nerve. As the champion of the previous ABU Robocon, the CUHK has hiccups as their rabbit robot and elephant robot are not used to the environment. The students, after a whole year of hard work for the contest, finally comes to the destination of their dream-chasing journey. How confident are they in winning for themselves at the end? Can they fulfil their dream at last?

Robocon 2023: Casting Flowers Over Angkor Wat (English Version)

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2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the Robocon Hong Kong Contest.

Under this year’s theme “Casting Flowers Over Angkor Wat”, 14 teams from 8 local tertiary institutions will rack their brains and pull out all the stops in a bid to claim the championship title. The winning team will represent Hong Kong at the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest in Cambodia and strive to do the city proud on the international stage.

Participating institutions:
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee)
Lingnan University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Education University of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
The University of Hong Kong
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