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A Man of Time

The invention of watchmaking technology enabled humans to measure time, but relying on watchmakers is essential for punctuality. Sego Leung, a dedicated timekeeper, developed a passion for watches from his first childhood timepiece. The mesmerizing experience of witnessing the tiny watch work tirelessly during a silent midnight sparked his future career. After graduating from secondary school, he pursued the study of timepieces and received advanced training in Switzerland. Focusing on the art of watchmaking, Sego became one of the few local watchmakers who handcraft every component of a watch.

The construction and repair of watches involve meticulous and intricate processes. Technological advancements have transformed the role of watches, yet the craft of watchmaking faces challenges, including succession and decline. Sego laments these changes and dedicates his spare time to teaching at vocational training classes and workshops. His goal is to act as a crucial gear, passing on skills and passion to the next generation. By choosing and persisting in his craft, he not only preserves a traditional art form but also helps safeguard our time and memories.


English / Cantonese  (TV Version)



(First run)

2024.03.19 TUE 9:30pm





Hong Kong Stories -- Master in the House

In the past, masters may have entered their professions to make a living. After years of experience, what does "making a living" mean to them? Working in workshops for decades, mastering every step of their craft, what does it bring to the masters beyond livelihood? Do they still have dreams?

Masters can be found not only in traditional industries but also in emerging fields or new industries that have evolved from tradition. "Masters In The House" explores personal stories and showcases the manufacturing processes of each master's work through images. While allowing viewers to witness the artisans' pursuit of perfection through light and shadow, it helps viewers understand what sets the masters apart.

Though the masters' craftwork may appear ordinary or not come with a high price tag, it carries the beauty of intricate details, representing the cultivation and persistence of the masters.
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