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Latter Life Leisures

Episode 8 “Latter Life Leisures”
Host: Vivian KONG

Dave hurt his wrist when he was 50 years old. He was waiting in the hospital for a follow-up consultation when the public address system made the announcement: “LAU Wing-ming who is 50 years old, please go to Room 9.” “Maybe someone has the same name as mine, so the age is revealed for identification. At that moment, it was like God announced to me: You’ve entered your fifties!” Raymond and Alissa also share similar experience of “growing old”. The three seniors and Vivian KONG all laugh heartily.

Age gap does not obstruct them from communication and opening their hearts to one another.

Dave is 75 years old, Raymond and Alissa are over 60 years old. All three of them are not young anymore, but Vivian is deeply impressed by their active and optimistic characters. The three elderly persons are part-time models, and they love doing exercise and learning new things. These are the secrets for maintaining good physical and mental health in old age. Sometimes, the tricks are just common sense like “mom is a woman”. However, it is always easier said than done.

“We need to have targets in every stage of our life.” This is an effective prescription to prevent depression in the elderly and mood disorder. When we reach older age in life, we may be retired, and our children may become grown-ups. We no longer need to put ourselves under the spotlight of workplace and family, so it is time for us to explore a new world for ourselves.

Dave, Raymond and Alissa are role models of seniors who are still energetic and charming.

Our life is long, and our clothes are thin. Nothing in the world is more intimate to us than our own bodies. In fact, our body is a container which saves our emotions and memories. For the elderly, the most familiar signal from their bodies may be pain. The three seniors follow the teacher to explore their bodies and feel the pain points, because they understand that it is better to listen to their bodies and take good care of themselves instead of escaping from the problems.

Although Vivian is younger than the seniors, she has deep feelings about her physical condition. As athletes are more sensitive to the changes in their bodies than the general public, will their have special feelings on “aging”? There may be a fear behind injuries that they dare not to touch.

The teacher says, “It is time to learn how to slide down elegantly … ” The elderly learns about balance and fall prevention, while youngsters should also learn to overcome failure.

Let us be optimistic, open-minded, curious and active to cosily walk through the final stage of the journey of our life.

Shall We Talk

The programme aims to encourage the general public to pay proper attention to their mental health. Apart from understanding the importance of mental health, the public must also know the kinds of difficulties faced by mental patients and their families. Owing to the lack of understanding and communication, it is not easy to understand and accept them with empathy. Let us stop the discrimination and care for each other.
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