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1. Continual/continuous

- Continual --- 不受歡迎的事連續發生
E.g. Her continual demands on me were affecting my work performance.
- Continuous --- 某事連續發生
E.g. We spent the summer in a state of continuous excitement.

2. Economy/economics/economic/economical

- economy --- 經濟
E.g. Hong Kong’s economy is flourishing.
- Economics --- 經濟學
E.g. Economics is a very popular elective subject in secondary schools.
- Economic --- 經濟上的, 經濟學的
E.g. The economic conditions in Hong Kong are good.
- Economical --- 節約時間,金錢或精力的
E.g. The new system is economical because it uses half as much energy as the old one.

3. Fragile/frail

- Fragile --- 物件易碎易損/心靈易受創傷的人
E.g. You have to handle this parcel with fragile goods inside with extreme care.
E.g. Take care of the heart-broken, fragile Lily.
- Frail --- 身體虛弱的人
E.g. He is frail because he has just recovered from a serious cold.

4. Exhausting/exhaustive

- Exhausting --- 令人疲倦的
E.g. We have had an exhausting day working for 10 hours nonstop.
- Exhaustive --- 徹底而全面的
E.g. This is an exhaustive checklist for your trip.

5. Outdoor/outdoors

- Outdoor (adj.) --- 戶外的
E.g. I love outdoor activities.
- Outdoors (adv.) --- 某事於戶外發生
E.g. These activities have to be done outdoors.

6. Cure/heal

- Cure --- 運用療法或藥物去治癒病症
E.g. The doctor cured a patient of cholera.
- Heal --- 有傷口或骨折的治癒
E.g. This ointment should heal the cut in no time.

7. Back/rear

- Back/rear --- 形容車輛或建築物的後部
Back (informal) E.g. the back of a car
Rear (formal) E.g. the rear of a car
- The back of your body --- 背部
- The rear of your body --- 臀部

8. Priceless/worthless

- Priceless --- 十分珍貴, 無價品
E.g. The Musee du Louvre (The Louvre Museum) is crammed with priceless paintings, carvings and statues.
- Worthless --- 毫無價值
E.g. These broken antiques are all worthless.


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