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Liveable city: Walkability and conservation of heritage buildings in Hong Kong


Liveable city: Walkability and conservation of heritage buildings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s population and building density are among the highest anywhere in the world. According to government figures, we have 6,930 people per square kilometre. Every living and non-living thing is fighting for space. We build taller and live higher. No other city has more skyscrapers than Hong Kong. Added to this is a pretty advanced transport infrastructure, both under and above the ground. Recently however there has been a greater focus on another form of civic planning: emphasising the creation of a liveable city that promotes the wellbeing of the community. What this means is enhancing the liveability of the city on several levels including physical, social and cultural aspects. In today’s episode, we’re looking at attempts to make Hong Kong a more walkable city, and what is being done about conserving history through heritage buildings. It might surprise you to know that Hong Kong has more than 8,000 of them.

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