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Mark Isaac-Williams

Botanical artist Mark Isaac-Williams talks to me about his parents Leonard and Margery, who came to Shanghai in the late 1930s when Leonard joined the Chinese Maritime Customs. He was awarded a bravery medal after an altercation with smugglers on the Yangtze.  After being born in Kowloon in 1939, Mark is evacuated with his mother to Australia, his father is later interned at Stanley Civilian Camp.  When Mark returned he spent his early childhood living in the Peninsula Hotel. 

Images courtesy of Mark Isaac-Williams from his earlier book - From Dragon to Dragon.  I'll be doing another interview with Mark to talk about his latest book [published by Blacksmith Books] "The Hong Kong I Knew - Scenes and Stories from a Childhood in Kowloon"

Hong Kong Heritage

Every week, journalist, broadcaster and local historian, Annemarie Evans, explores Hong Kong, digging up many (often forgotten or unknown) aspects of our cultural, architectural, and artistic heritage. 
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