類型:視像語言:英文分類:Personalities Feature狀態:播放中 節目簡介: The construction industry affects our everyday life. Buildings and public facilities located around us – such as the airport, piers, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings – are built by the collective efforts of people in various lines of work in the construction industry. Over the past decade, Hong Kong has undergone social and economic changes. The construction industry is hit by recession and went into transition: workforce for the industry starts to age, and supply of manpower fails to meet demand. How will the industry meet challenges that come with the imminent launch of infrastructural projects? The spirit and work ethics of contractors, engineers and construction site workers have helped them weather the industry’s recession. They are also proud of projects that were constructed with their involvement.

Narrator: John Culkin


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A Broader Horizon 00:21:55 2013-09-27
In 2000, Cheng Wai-tat failed to secure a job in the UK where he graduated with a degree in civil engineering. He returned to Hong Kong to look for opportunities, and decided to stay in the S.A.R. to develop his career although the local construction industry was hit by recession. Eventually, he was hired as engineer by a multinational construction company, and fulfilled his wish by participating in a number of infrastructural projects.

In 1996, Wong Wai-kit graduated in Hong Kong with a degree in mechanical engineering. He was hired by a small contractor, and at the same time he explored alternative career opportunities by taking up studies in environmental conservation and sustainable development. With substantial experience in building skyscrapers and mega projects, he took the initiative to request transfer to his company’s mainland office where he was involved in construction projects for the Olympic Games. The career path he pursues is no longer affected by cyclical changes in the local construction industry.

Producer: Joan Fong