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Global Perspective

Type:AudioLanguage:EnglishCategories:InternationalStatus:Programme end Description: Global Perspective is an annual series in which documentary makers from around the world (including RTHK) bring together stories that offer unique perspectives and thoughts on a single theme. This year's theme is "Old School, New School".

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CBC - Middle C 00:26:30 2010-05-03
In this first person documentary, Tristan Whiston chronicles his yearlong gender transition, from woman to man, through the change in his singing voice. Tristan Whiston first performed as solo soprano at the age of six. Years of hard work led to an accomplished singing career. But two years ago, Tristan decided to give up the most precious thing a singer has— the voice. For a year, Tristan kept audio diaries, including such milestones as the first testosterone shot, the first time shaving and the chest reconstruction surgery. But the most striking thing about these diaries is the transformation of the singing voice. Tristan starts out as a soprano whose voice soars in the high notes. As the testosterone takes effect on Tristan’s body, that sublime voice is ripped to shreds and has to be completely recast, just like Tristan’s identity.

Produced by Tristan Whiston & Carma Jolly of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Additional note: This documentary won the Premios Ondas awarded by Spain for best international documentary. 25.4.2010