Money for Nothing

Money for Nothing

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A business and finance show in which industry experts analyze current market trends. 

My two cents' worth (27.10.2014)
Wall street just had its best week in almost two years so what should we be looking out for in the markets this week? Click here for this week's editorial note.

So what's the bottom line? (20.10.2014)
As we kick off this week, the biggest question on people's minds is - what drove the stock market's wild swings last week, and what's next on the cards? Here's a look at what to look out for in finance news this week....(More)

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Money for Nothing (2014-10-31) 00:28:58 2014-10-31

On Money for Nothing, we’ll wind down the week by discussing Japan with David Pilling of the Financial Times. David will talk about Abenomics and the resilence of Japan’s political and social order. Simon Powell of CLSA will join us to talk about slumping oil prices and what that means for China’s big three producers. And for insight into the world of sport, we’ll be joined Danny Hicks of AFP. Richard Harris of Port Shelter Management will be with us for the half hour as a special guest commentator. .(8am-8.30am,  or email