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Artist Sara Tse, Koak@Perrotin & in the studio: woodwind chamber ensemble, “M-eureka”


Artist Sara Tse, Koak@Perrotin & in the studio: woodwind chamber ensemble, “M-eureka”

The process of making porcelain was perfected in China somewhere between 1,200 and 2,000 years ago. It spread through Asia and as far afield as Europe, but was so identified with its place of origin that many English-speaking countries still call the final product “China” to this day. Porcelain is known for its hardness, whiteness, and translucency, and for its mix of durability, malleability, and beauty. For local artist Sarah Tse, these qualities make it ideal for preserving objects, emotions, and memories, and as “a tool for memory”.

The San Francisco-based artist Koak has a Masters’ degree in Comics from the California College of the Arts. Her works may remind you of that comic influence and also of the work of Henri Matisse and Joan Miró, many focus on the lived experience and feelings of women. Currently on show at Perrotin gallery, “The Driver”, her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, showcases her recent paintings and sculpture. The works were mostly created during the Covid pandemic, and express a range of emotions, including a sense of isolation and pressure, that many of us can identify with experiencing over the last two years.

The woodwind chamber ensemble M.eureka! is made up of young professional musicians, all of whom are graduates from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.
They say the “M” from M.eureka! stands for music, and it’s combined with the ancient Greek word “eureka”, meaning “I have found it”. The ensemble aims to focus not only on the traditional chamber music repertoire but also on newly arranged orchestral works. Some of its members are with us now.

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