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Summer Music Program II - Band Series & in the studio: HK Youth Philharmonia


Summer Music Program II - Band Series & in the studio: HK Youth Philharmonia

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended many performing opportunities for artists, but six Hong Kong senior form students decided that nothing would stop them from making music. Last summer, they formed a new orchestra, The Hong Kong Youth Philharmonia, with other musicians all under the age of 21, and they will be making their public debut this week, in hope of lighting up the audiences’ hearts during these difficult times.

Hong Kong has a vibrant band scene due to its multi-cultural mix. In the second part of this week's show, we have curated some diverse, unique and cool grooves - perfect for the sizzling summer. We will begin with some classic ska - with The Red Stripes playing "Big Boss Man" - followed by the fusion ensemble Sea Island & Ferry’s song, "Telescope", in which the band improvises with Asian and Western instruments. Still riding on the same vibe, we are ending with SIU2’s song, "Be Water", for another eclectic mix of Chinese lute, sheng and zheng, with piano, bass and drums.

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