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Art book fair: Booked at Tai Kwun, "Folklore" exhibtion at "Bedroom" & in the studio: indie band, Es


Art book fair: Booked at Tai Kwun, "Folklore" exhibtion at "Bedroom" & in the studio: indie band, Es

Last week, the World Health Organisation declared the Wuhan coronavirus a Global Health Emergency. As we mentioned also in last week’s show, Hong Kong’s protests, and now the virus, have created major challenges for art and cultural events. The Boston Symphony Orchestra has cancelled its tour and withdrawn from the upcoming Hong Kong Arts Festival, which is due to run from this Saturday until the 15th March. On Monday, the festival announced more than a dozen productions have been cancelled.

Apart from the challenges facing the Arts Festival, March is Hong Kong’s art month, in which flagship events like Art Basel, Art Central, and the Hong Kong International Film Festival are usually scheduled. We’ll continue to bring you the latest updates on the impact of the virus on Hong Kong’s art scene. Today we’re bringing you news from one recent event that did still go ahead: the second edition of Tai Kwun’s Hong Kong Art Book Fair, “Booked”. Tai Kwun itself, for now, is remaining open but with reduced services. As Hong Kong battles the coronavirus, most public activities in the city have been shut down. Government departments and some private sector companies are allowing employees to work from home. Many galleries are closed. One that is still open by appointment is Bedroom, an art space in Tai Kok Tsui. On show till 16th February, “Folklore” looks into what it terms “Verbal Lore” such as fairy tales, myth, chants, conspiracy theories, lullabies, urban legends and superstition.

Local indie band, “Esimorp” takes the word “promise” and spells it backwards. The name comes from the name of its lead singer Promise Armstrong. The band’s four members come from diverse backgrounds. Blending indie rock and ambient pop, they say they want to create music with “themes such as truth, hope and other intangibles”. The released their debut album, “Roar Like The Ocean” last November, and they are here to tell us more.

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