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Although he studies at a secondary school renowned for its sports credentials, Wong is not at all keen on aerobic exercises that entail sweating – except activities carried on in air-conditioned environment, like bowling and dart throwing. At the age of eighteen, he already weighs more than 100 kilograms.

Fifteen-year-old Lam is a member of the Hong Kong Track & Field Team as well as current Inter-School Athletics recorder holder for shot put. Because of improper eating habits and indulgence by members of her family, she suffers from severe overweight with a BMI number that is way above the average.

This summer, both of them have decided to sign up for the “Take Your First Step” program jointly organized by medical professionals and the Hong Kong Baptist University. They hope the six-month training program will help them tackle their overweight problem and develop healthy eating habits in their daily lives.

The program is designed by Dr. Lobo Louie (Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education, Hong Kong Baptist University), who repeatedly emphasized it is not meant to be a hell-style intensive training program. However, it will be no easy task to motivate Wong to overcome his aversion to exercise and withstand pains from old injuries. The challenge is to persuade him to voluntarily take part in next year’s Hong Kong 10 kilometer Marathon.
Although Lam came from a storied family of athletes, she took to gluttony in self-abandonment after her dream to become a ballerina was brutally dashed in an unhappy childhood incident. Her elder brother happens to be the local record holder for hammer throw, and he has supported her with encouragement. It is his hope that the program can take her to the next level in terms of athletic performance and help restore her confidence so that she can again pursue her dream in the field of ballet.

Producer: Bill Yip

Glamour Of Sport - The Sport Arena The Road to Grow

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Schools are always served as a cradle for nurturing young athletes.

Not only sports offer students the opportunity to develop their potential and sharpen athletic skills, they also provide valuable skills for dealing with many life’s challenges. According to the statistics of Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation, more than one hundred thousand young athletes, namely up to twenty percent secondary school students and more than ten percent primary school students, join the inter-schools sports competitions every year. As for college teenagers and students with special educational needs, their lives will also be enriched throughout sports.

The main theme of programme “Glamour of Sports ” is a series of documentary with 8 episodes which includes the following sports :basketball, tug-of-war, dragon Boat Race, swimming, cricket, rowing, climbing of trees and running.
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