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Episode 8: The Third Age

Producer: Keung Lau

Retiring is considered a new chapter of our life. At the end of one’s career, one no longer needs to be carried away with appointments. With the sudden increase of leisure time, many people feel lonely and anxious. In addition, their bodies begin facing challenges in respond to their ageing.

Research from the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Department of Psychology revealed that the social circle of retired people is considerately smaller. Many retirees often want to open up new social circles and force themselves to make a similar number of “friends” that are equivalent to the number before their retirement, and this can be stressful. In fact, one should focus on building quality friendship instead of quantity.

Those who have planned for retirement should learn how to make good use of the free time. For example, they could volunteer or learn skills that they may have forgone during the past busy working years. It is essential to make good use of time to avoid feeling anxious and stress.

Medical findings proof that exercising can help maintain physical and mental health, as well as relieve joint pain and degradation accumulated from before. As long as one faces retirement positively, retirement can be a brand new chapter of one’s life.

This programme will be transmitted in TVB Pearl at 13:00-13:30 on Saturday, 16 March 2013.

Project Live Healthy II

  • Video
  • English
  • Completed
How does a person age? How do you determine whether a person is old?
As the society and medical technology progress, human life expectancy lengthens.
This series focuses on seniors, and explores how ageing affects their bodily functions, skin, eyesight, digestive system, sex ability, memory, hearing, and psychological self. In addition, this series aims to provide scientific explanations for issues that have arisen or may arise in one’s body, and to educate the viewers about the ageing process.
Ageing is not a phenomenon unique to seniors, everone ages upon birth. The problems that we see seniors face today, may one day happen to us. If we understand the issues, prepare for them, and take care of ourselves, we can be genki.

This programme will be transmitted in TVB Pearl at 13:00-13:30 every Saturday, commencing 12 January 2013.
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