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Ambassador Lindiwe Mabuza

Ambassador Lindiwe Mabuza is a much-published poet and short story writer who has also worked as a college-level teacher, radio journalist, editor. Almost all these callings have pointed towards one goal – abolishing apartheid in South Africa.

Ambassador Lindiwe Mabuza talks to Crystal Kwok on Kowk Talk about her journey from apartheid, discrimination and racism in South Africa.

HK Literary Festival 2012

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  • English
  • Culture
  • Completed
The Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2012 starts on 5 October. RTHK Radio 3 is proud to be a media partner once again. Over the nine days of the Festival, we'll be talking to many of the writers taking part, and moderating some of the events, and featuring everything we do on our Bookmarks book website.
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