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MBB2012: Beyond the Flaw


Saskia Laroo, trumpeter reared musically in Amsterdam whose international travels never cease, met pianist/vocalist Warren Byrd in Hartford, Connecticut (his hometown), and both have explored the power of music together ever since.

Duo Laroo/Byrd’s renderings for ‘Music Beyond Borders’ in Sep 2010 spurred further co-explorations, leading to their first album as a duo. In the summer of 2011, they released “Collaboration - Two of a Kind: A Tribute to Miles Davis & Thelonious Monk” garnering some critical acclaim. Saskia features herself on bass as well as trumpet, and Byrd doubles on vocals and percussion for an album full of new compositions.

Aside from successful tours in many countries with the Saskia Laroo Band, Salsabop, and Jazzkia to Brazil, Canada, Finland, Greece, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Panama, Oman, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and the United States, they are currently promoting the project “A Tribute to Kind of Blue” one of jazz’s most influential albums and “Jazz Meets Hip Hop”. Saskia continues to seek to bring people together with music and will soon tour in Turkey; Warren has been composing chamber works.


Music Beyond Borders

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The Music Beyond Borders @ 10 Anniversary Concerts are coming soon with a big change in venue - outdoors at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza C (as part of the New Vision Arts Festival 2012). The concerts will take place on 3 Nov (Saturday) and 4 November (Sunday) from 2:30pm to 6pm. Two past Music Beyond Borders artists return: Award winning Dutch saxophonist Yuri Honing, this time with his Wired Paradise band and, Austria’s Georg Gratzer and Beefolk, who gained quite a following on their last visit here. To mark the start of another 10 years of Music Beyond Borders to come, will be the Claude Diallo Situation from Switzerland, taking part in the project for the first time.

Music Beyond Borders – there are no limits to where we can take you.
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