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(Series 5 - We are Sport People) Episode 6 - Going It Alone


(Series 5 - We are Sport People) Episode 6 - Going It Alone

To develop sports and achieve internationally recognized results, you will need good athletes as well as (if more important than) a good coach. A decade ago, the Hong Kong Cycling Team was merely an also ran; today, it is the cradle of world champions. Its head coach Jin-Kang Shen has played the most important, backstage role in the transformation of the team.

Shen started out as the head coach for the China national team. In 1994, he came to Hong Kong to train Kam-Po Wong, who achieved an historic third runner up position in the Hiroshima Asian Games in that same year. Shen originally signed a 6-month coaching contract, but he ended up staying on for more than a decade for the sake of Wong.

Over the past decade, cycling as a sport in Hong Kong has developed by leaps and bounds. Coach Shen has successfully turned training of cyclists into a systematic, scientific model. His intensive, rigorous training has made Wong a world class champion, and has also nurtured a whole new breed of cycling athletes. In March 2011, Ho-Ting Kwok won the championship in men’s scratch race in the World Track Cycling Championships. It is the consensus of members of the cycling team that but for the efforts of Coach Shen, they could not have pulled off their spectacular achievements.

This episode documented the rigorous training model of Coach Shen as well as his attitude towards competition. It is testimony to the endeavors athletes put into their medal-winning efforts.

Producer: Shirley Lee
Executive Producer: Hermia Leung

Glamour of Sport - The Olympic Dream

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The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London as an effort to pass on the Olympic spirit.

It is the dream of athletes to represent their countries or regions to compete in the Games. To help raise the standards of local athletic performance and elevate the status of Hong Kong in the international sports arena, the S.A.R. government has thrown its support behind the elite sports program. Table tennis, cycling and badminton have been the focus of the program’s training efforts in preparation for the coming Olympics.

How will local elite athletes and their professional supporting teammates embrace the Games and celebrate the Olympic spirit?
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