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Hong Kong electoral changes: interview with Thomas So & audio description services for the visually


Hong Kong electoral changes: interview with Thomas So & audio description services for the visually

On Tuesday, the government unveiled more details of the proposed changes to Hong Kong’s electoral system. The Improving Electoral System Bill includes dividing the current five geographical constituencies in the Legislative Council election into ten constituencies, adding a “special queue” for the elderly and voters in need, introducing an electronic poll register, and criminalising acts such as inciting others not to vote, or to cast blank or invalid ballots. To talk more about the changes to Hong Kong’s electoral systems is Thomas So, member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former president of the Law Society of Hong Kong.

It’s only relatively recently that some public entertainment venues and recreational facilities have reopened after long closures due to social distancing rules to reduce Covid-19 infections.
Over the recent long weekend, many took full advantage of the restored freedoms to pack Hong Kong’s country parks and beaches. Cinemas and auditoriums have also reopened. But the restrictions forced on us by the pandemic have had a negative effect on places of entertainment, as on so many businesses, and that’s led to the closure of one cinema chain. That may be particularly bad news for people with visual impairments who rely on narrated descriptive soundtracks, not just for movies, but also for other forms of entertainment and recreation.

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