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COVID-19 in developing countries: India & Africa


COVID-19 in developing countries: India & Africa

As countries around the world are lifting lockdown measures, a second wave of Covid-19 cases has emerged in Beijing. In the past few days, the capital has recorded more than 200 new cases and locked down more than 30 communities. Once again, this outbreak is linked to a food market. Elsewhere in the world the Covid -19 pandemic is having an even more severe impact on poorer countries. For them the disease is not only a health crisis, but also has the potential to cause massive social and economic devastation. The United Nations estimates an income loss of more than US$220 billion in developing countries. In many of these nations simple preventive measures against Covid-19, such as social distancing and regularly washing hands with soap and water are not practical. 75% of citizens in the least developed world lack regular access to soap and water. In this episode, we talk to people in India and Africa who have not only been battling the virus but are also facing civil war, locusts, and crippling food shortages.

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