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Michael Jackson Hits Hong Kong


Michael Jackson Hits Hong Kong

We hear a one-hour edit of the Michael Jackson Hits, Hong Kong show that Radio 3 held at Grappa’s Cellar in Central last Saturday night. (13.6.2009)

Six local music acts of completely different style put their spin on well-known Michael Jackson songs. They played two each, then finished with one from their own repertoire. In this programme, we focus just on the Michael Jackson adaptations. You’ll have to listen quite carefully to some of them to recognize the original melodies and lyrics.

Michael Jackson Hits, Hong Kong

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Pop sensation Michael Jackson was scheduled to play 50 sell-out shows in London from this summer, before his unexpected death on Friday June 26, 2009.

A few months before this, here in Hong Kong, six talented local musical outfits rose to RTHK Radio 3's challenge to each adapt two Jackson songs in their own styles.

The first song was assigned by Radio 3. Then each participant chose one of their own.

These Michael Jackson adaptations were played live at Michael Jackson Hits, Hong Kong, at Grappa's Cellar, Jardine House, Central on Saturday June 13, from 9pm. This event was recorded, and highlights were aired on the evening of Saturday June 20 at 7pm.

In the week leading up to June 13, interviews with musicians taking part were broadcast on Morning Brew. Click the below links to hear.
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