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Pillar of the House

In an “Operation Building Bright”, officers of Buildings Department discover that On Mei Building in Sham Shui Po has a potential danger, and therefore it is necessary to collect concrete samples from all the units for examination. However, before taking action, they have to obtain a “closure order” from the court and make arrangements to have all the residents moved out.
The residents of On Mei Building are determined not to move out. This is not only because they think that the closure of the building will seriously affect their daily lives – once the Buildings Department consider that On Mei Building has an imminent danger, it would be a double loss to the owners as they will even have to pay for demolishing their own homes.
On the day the closure order issued by the court comes to effect, the residents oppose strongly to the closure and they even start a protest, which turns the incident into a hot topic in the news. Upon explanation by the officers of Buildings Department, all the residents finally understand how dangerous it is to continue to live in On Mei Building, and they agree to move out that day, bringing a satisfactory conclusion to the incident.

Director: AU Ta-hoi
Cast: Lai Mann@RubberBand, Jace CHAN, Crystal Black

Building Guardians

  • Video
  • English
  • On-going
Land and housing problems have been the issues of concern for many Hong Kong people. Meanwhile, having a safe home or shop should not be taken for granted.
There are always potential risks in unauthorised building works, subdivided units and other building structures (e.g. advertising signs). If they are not properly managed or maintained and repaired, there may be chances that they will pose dangers and cause disturbances to the public. The Buildings Department (BD) enforces law in accordance with the Buildings Ordinance, and always has to go through a series of challenges.
The functions of BD seem to be similar to those of other government departments. But in fact, BD is mainly responsible for setting and enforcing safety, health and environmental standards for existing and new private buildings. Also, it monitors construction works and inspects safety of buildings. The drama is adapted from real-life events. Through a series of seven episodes of half-hour drama, we hope that the public will have a deeper understanding of BD and their awareness of building safety will be raised.
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