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LGBT inclusion in Asia / Billionaire Lee Shau-kee's retirement


LGBT inclusion in Asia / Billionaire Lee Shau-kee's retirement

On Thursday's Backchat, LGBT inclusion in Asia. Although Taiwan has legalised same sex marriage, there are still mixed feelings there, and in many parts of Asia, over equalising rights. What sort of changes are happening in 2019 then? Nepal is believed to be the first country to register its citizens under a third gender category and in Hong Kong, a recent controversy surrounding MTR and Airport adverts showed misaligned intentions. While Singapore has repealed some of its criminal laws on homosexuality, its government has tried to appease conservative social groups by retaining Section 377A, which criminalizes “gross indecency”, while stating that the government will not enforce it.  The Economist Intelligence Unit recently released a report stating that nearly half of respondents believe that companies will become more prominent as agents of progress for LGBT rights in future, so is that a good thing, and what sort of advocacy would be appropriate here?  Is the attitude to LGBT inclusion changing among Generation Z ?  After 9.20, Billionaire Lee Shau-kee's retirement.
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8:30- 9:20 LGBT Inclusion in Asia

- Michael Gold, Senior Editor, Asia Pacific, Economist Intelligence Unit; and Author of the report “Pride and prejudice: the future of advocacy”

- Brenda Alegre, Lecturer, Gender Studies Programme, School of Humanities, University of Hong Kong

- June Chua, Founder, The T Project, a transgender community in Singapore

- Suen Yiu-tung, Assistant Professor of the Gender Studies Programme; and Associate Director of the Gender Research Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong

9:20-9:30 Billionaire Lee Shau-kee’s retirement

- Jeff Pao, China Editor, Asia Times


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