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My Signature Pot

A pot of clay-pot rice made a young man who had suffered career setback rebound and start all over again.

Ray spent his childhood in his family’s Hong Kong-style café. With a lively and active character, Ray decided to leave home upon graduating from high school. After ten years of career ups and downs, he could hardly survive. He had no choice but returned to his family’s café to help out.

Due to the inflated prices of commodities, the café tea restaurant was not able to make ends meet in recent years and business had been difficult. After his return, Ray tried to find a signature dish that could make a breakthrough, hoping that it could turn the business around. Among a large number of dishes, he chose the more down to earth clay pot rice. Ray had carried out extensive research and hoped that he could find a flavor from a wide variety that could represent himself. During the process, his childhood memories rekindled and he recalled a common ingredient that his grandmother used in the past – golden oyster.

As his mother’s family used to farm oysters in Lau Fau Shan, Ray is able to obtain the best quality ingredients from an uncle who is still farming oysters there. As such, he decided to use golden oysters as ingredients to produce his own dish – “Golden Oyster Dried Shrimp Clay Pot Rice”.

This “Golden Oyster Dried Shrimp Clay Pot Rice” became the turning point of Ray's business. Not only has it improved the business of the café, but it also became the matchmaker between Ray and his wife.

Hong Kong Stories - Tastes of Home

Taste brought up feelings and memories, where the stories would be unfolded. This series told the stories of Hong Kong people through local food. The kind of food is common, yet special, a specialty in Hong Kong.
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