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英語篇 #11 求醫的英文用語


英語篇 #11 求醫的英文用語

1. We’ve had five waves of COVID already, but we are still very alerted.

● News headline from The Guardian:

“Alarm in Beijing after announcement zero-Covid policy 清零政策 may last five
- Communist party official posts notice saying mass mandatory testing and travel curbs will continue

2. Symptoms of COVID (Most common)
○ Fever
■ I had a fever last night.
○ Cough
■ I have been coughing a lot.
○ Tiredness (exhausted 很累)
■ I have been exhausted.
○ Loss of taste or smell
■ I haven’t been able to taste anything.
○ Phlegm 痰 (spit out your phlegm 吐痰)
■ I have been coughing up a lot of phlegm.
○ Stuffy nose 鼻塞
■ My nose has been stuffy, especially when I am lying down.
○ Snot / nasal mucus 鼻涕 / 鼻的分泌物
■ There’s a lot of snot.
○ Migraine 偏頭痛
■ I keep getting migraines.

3. Some people are affected by long COVID and this can last months.

Common long COVID symptoms include:

- extreme tiredness (fatigue) 疲倦
- shortness of breath 呼吸急促
- chest pain or tightness 胸痛或緊繃
- problems with memory and concentration ("brain fog") 記憶/專注力問題
- difficulty sleeping (insomnia 失眠)
- heart palpitations 心悸
- Dizziness 頭暈

4. Women get periods, unless they have had menopause (停經)already.

1. Symptoms associated with menstrual 月經的 period:

a. cramps (m 痛) / menstrual pain/ menstrual cramps
b. Back pain 背疼 / Lower back pain 腰疼 (back can be the whole back)
c. (On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely painful, how would you rate your pain?)
d. When you go see a gynecologist, they would always ask, “When was the first day of your last period?”
e. In Europe, men can pay to experience giving birth, would you do it?

i. They use a machine that puts electric currents into your body to force your muscles to contract. 肌肉收縮
ii. “It hits me like a train 疼到好像被火車撞. It feels as if my stomach is being so violently compressed it’s going to come out of my back.”

2. The weather in Hong Kong is always so humid. The air is very polluted.

● allergy 敏感
● Nasal allergy 鼻敏感
● food allergy 食物敏感
- Do you have any food allergies?
- My cat is allergic to gluten (a wheat allergy).
● Allergic (Are you allergic to peanuts?/ A lot of westerners are allergic to peanuts)
● Eczema 濕疹
- The doctor may prescribe steroid cream). / prescribe 配藥
- There is some rash.
● Rash 皮疹

3. Rheumatoid arithtis 類風濕性關節炎 (風濕)

● Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder 慢性炎性疾病 that can affect more than just your joints. In some people, the condition can damage a wide variety of body systems, including the skin, eyes, lungs, heart and blood vessels (血管)

● An autoimmune disorder 自身免疫性疾病, rheumatoid arthritis occurs when your immune system 免疫系統 mistakenly attacks your own body's tissues.

● Signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis may include:

- Tender, warm, swollen joints 柔軟,暖的,腫脹的關節
- Joint stiffness that is usually worse in the mornings and after inactivity
- Fatigue疲倦, fever and loss of appetite 沒有食慾

● Diagnosed with 被診斷出 / diagnosis (noun)

- You have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.
- You have been diagnosed with pneumonia (肺炎).

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