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Old Master Q

The comic “Old Master Q” has gained significant traction and rooted deep in the heart of people for generations, with ongoing influence which transits through ages.

The popularity of “Old Master Q” has not waned a bit even more than fifty years have passed since its first publication in 1962, and its clout has already surpassed regional boundary with its fame flourished in areas populated by Chinese.

The sense of humour mirrors its first author, WONG Ka-hei (WONG Ze).

The character “Old Master Q” which he created, have accompanied numerous Hong Kong people, as he dexterously portrays the lives of hardscrabble novices. “Old Master Q” likes to use his body language. Even sometimes with no dialogue, four-word idioms are often used as the titles of different daily-life stories in the comics, which also serve as teaching materials for people to learn Chinese idioms.

“Old Master Q” has vaulted from grids of monochrome to animations and movies throughout half a century. The unfazed “Old Master Q” always sticks to his principles with the help of his sarcasm, even when fire and brim are what lie head. “Old Master Q” made his debut in the 60’s and the first issue was sold out in two days. However, it encountered its ebb at the beginning of the 90’s during the bloom of the comic industry.

During such hardship, WONG Ze, WONG Ka-hei’s eldest son, shouldered up the responsibility and took on his father’s mantle to carry on “Old Master Q”. He endeavours in areas from the promotion of “Old Master Q” to the licencing of its IP, simply to lessen his father’s burden in creation.

The video documents every stop “Old Master Q” has travelled to during “his” exhibition, and interviews everyone who is interwoven to “him”, such as “TSUI Hark”, a movie director. Meanwhile, WONG Ze talks about every piece of “Old Master Q”, including how he grew up reading it, and how his father opposed against him and his brothers from joining the comic industry. However, fate has surpassed and such secular creation has metastasized into a trademark through the scheming of the vagarious WONG Ze, who has inherited the pedigreed humour.

Pop Culture Icons 2016 English version

  • Video
  • English
  • Culture
  • Completed
Pop Culture Icons is a personal profile documentary. We would like to capture the energy of those local heros who nourished the popular culture here in Hong Kong. We have incomparable genius 黃霑、林振強、吳昊、董培新、老夫子, who are now iconic figures in our pop culture.
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