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Little Idea

Ah Lai and Sheung Lok are ex-mentally ill people. Sheung Lok was dumped by her husband and had to take care of her son, who has Down Syndrome. As she couldn’t withstand the pressure, she became mentally ill. Ah Lai had tried to jump from a building with her two daughters to commit suicide, and she was diagnosed with mental illness. Both of them were recommended by their social worker(s) to join a “Wing Chun” class at a community centre, hoping to lift their mood and relieve their symptom, thereby helping them recover.

Students of the “Wing Chun” class are all ex-mentally ill people. Ah Lai and Sheung Lok know each other in the class and gradually become friends. After several weeks of practicing, they learn a smattering of “Wing Chun”. As their classmates are all ex-mentally ill people, with mutual support, they regain their confidence and their moods are lightened.

Sheung Lok all along hopes that with her conditions improved, her son can leave the care home and come back to live with her again. Ah Lai, on the other hand, hopes to rebuild the relationship with her daughters. Can their hopes be fulfilled with the support of the fellow ex-mentally ill people?

To ex-mentally ill people, apart from treatment, support from peers and acceptance by family members are also important elements of recovery.

A Wall-less World VI

"A Wall-less World VI” will take the form of docudrama and and its content focuses on the vitality displayed by persons with disabilities on sports activities, their emotional ups and downs when displaying their potentials, and how their family members, friends and society walk with them, provide mutual encouragement and join hands with them, thereby creating a future full of surprises.
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