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Crystal Kwok on her grandmother's story (12-4-2019)


Crystal Kwok on her grandmother's story (12-4-2019)

On 123 Show, we look back at women’s history month in March on this week's Agender Cafe. While there are many famous women who've make their mark over the centuries, there are also many whose stories are untold but no less interesting. Our former RTHK colleague, Crystal Kwok, has been working on a documentary based on the story of her grandmother, a Chinese woman who grew up in the racially divided American south of the 1930s. Crystal joins Hosts Karen Koh and Noreen Mir to share more about her work and her grandmother's story. (12-4-2019)

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The Agender Cafe serves up a delicious array of topics on gender, sex, sexuality and society. Every week we have a frank, open conversation with our guests about issues which affect us all, and try to tackle some of those “taboo” topics.

Sit down with hosts Karen Koh & Noreen Mir every Friday from 2-3pm and enjoy a visit to the Agender Cafe!
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