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Hong Kong Super Band.Spirit of Beyond


Hong Kong Super Band.Spirit of Beyond

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the “Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award”, the most long-lasting award ceremony for the Hong Kong pop music industry. We take this opportunity to produce “Gold Song Talk”, and invite various eminent singers to visit different university campuses to have face-to-face interactions with students. They will reminisce about their music journeys and look forward to the future of the local pop music scene, as well as to share their life wisdom as veterans in the music industry.

“Band Sound” has never been the mainstream in the Hong Kong pop music industry. Yet, Hong Kong bands can make miracles from time to time by creating touching music pieces. Their work breaks through the ingrained mindsets of the people in town, therefore an essential element in promoting the development of the local music scene. The theme for this episode is “Hong Kong Super Band.Spirit of Beyond” while the prominent and influential band Beyond is invited. Its member WONG Ka-keung pays his visit to Hong Kong Baptist University to share his experiences as a band member with over 300 students. From each and every classic of Beyond, to the thick and thin that the band has gone through, he will talk about them one by one.

Another hotshot band Dear Jane is also invited. The band is comprised of vocalist Tim, guitarist Howie, bass guitarist Jackal and drummer Nice. People who play in a band in Hong Kong must have tasted the sweets and bitters of life, as well as the fickleness of human nature. When the ideal did not match the reality, how did they manage to persist and keep on with no regrets with the spirit of rock and roll? The four members will even perform the Beyond x Dear Jane Special Medley in order to bring the spirit of rock music to each and every student on the spot.

Apart from “Super Band”, special guest Mr CHEUNG Man-sun, the then-Assistant Director of Broadcasting who is called the “Father of Gold Songs”, will appear in this episode. Mr CHEUNG had worked in the radio station for years, during which he launched the “Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award” and has witnessed the ups and downs of the local music scene. He will share with us one by one the hot trend of forming bands in the 80s; how Beyond begin from being anonymous to start having a little fame, then turned from being the “betrayers of rock music” to a band which was well-received by the audience, and finally raised to become a prestigious and legendary rock music group.

Host: WONG Tin-yee

Gold Song Talk

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The brand new series of “Gold Song Talk” will uphold the “passing on” spirit of last year’s “Hall of Wisdom” programme. With local pop music and Chinese songs as the theme, this series will invite several distinguished singers to speak to young students on their visits to university campuses. Through interactions and sharing, we hope that our guests can broaden our students’ horizons and inspire them, thereby passing on the precious experience and wisdom of predecessors to our next generation.

When Hong Kong’s economy took off in the 1970’s, local pop music also thrived along. Since then, there have been a lot of well-liked works, and Cantonese songs have even become a crucial part of one’s identity as a Hong Konger. “Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award”, organised by Radio Television Hong Kong, remains a major event in the local pop music scene, witnessing that the music industry and the city flourished as one. To echo the 40th anniversary of the Award, the title of this series of “Hall of Wisdom” will be “Gold Song Talk”.

We collaborated with local universities including The Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Baptist University, etc. Moreover, we will adhere to the format and the production experience of the previous series, meaning that in addition to television coverage, the sound recording of the seminars will be available on radio, while some seminars will also be broadcast live on Facebook. Through this format, we hope to bring spectacular seminars in universities to a broad audience.

Host: Erica LI (Renowned writer and lyricist) and Tin Yee (RTHK DJ)
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